Watersports: Waterskiing lessons for children Watergames: Inflatable sofa and Canoe Kayak are suitable for kids

Your children can have a great time at the water sports activity centers in Punda beach and Golden beach at Paros in Cyclades. These are the perfect spots in Paros for children who love sports and beach.

Water skiing lessons

Witnessing a child getting up on skis for the first time is priceless. Faragas beach is a great place for children and teens to learn how to waterski. First-time water skiing experience is crucial for young skiers. Children need to learn at a facility that emphasizes safety and understands the special needs of children.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike skills lessons can provide the fundamental foundations of the sport and help your children develop their mountain bike skills while riding and having fun. (ages <8)

Float Ride

The ideal float ride for children is the inflatable sofa . A water game that they can ride with their family and never hit the water. Paddle-sports such as canoeing and kayaking offer a great opportunity for parents to accompany their child to some beautiful scenery.